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Surveying UC Merced Students, Faculty, Staff, or Alumni

The Survey Coordinating Committee at UC Merced was established by the Executive Vice Chancellor to:

  • help you get better information by assisting with the design of questionnaires and sampling plans;
  • coordinate the timing of surveys on campus to reduce survey fatigue and improve response rates;
  • serve as liaison with authorities responsible for controlling communication with campus constituencies;
  • facilitate the Institutional Review Board process to ensure protection of human research subjects;
  • direct your request(s) for institutional data to appropriate authorities on campus; and
  • ensure compliance with federal, state, and university policies and privacy regulations.

The Survey Coordinating Committee reviews all requests to survey (or conduct focus groups with) UC Merced students, faculty, staff, and alumni that:

  • require contact information (e.g., names, email addresses, phone numbers);
  • require institutional information about the survey population (e.g., race, sex, grades); or
  • involve publication or other disclosure of research results.

Possessing the contact information and demographic data needed to administer a survey or conduct a focus group does not exempt you from Survey Coordinating Committee review unless you are conducting:

  • teaching evaluations;
  • faculty surveys of students used for pedagogical purposes only (i.e., results will not be published or otherwise disclosed);
  • faculty surveys administered as part of a research study that has been approved by the UC Merced Institutional Review Board;
  • student surveys of fellow students conducted solely to fulfill the requirements of a course assignment (i.e., results will not be published or otherwise presented) under the guidance and direction of a faculty member who has completed an approved human research subjects protection curriculum; or
  • student, faculty, or staff surveys (polls) that involve voting on (or selecting) one or more preferred options from a range of choices for a specific event (e.g., preferred menu item or commencement speaker). 

If you would like to conduct a survey or focus group for any reason other than the five exempt purposes listed above, please review our criteria for approval and submit an application for survey review plans here.